Build Updates

Final update

Sunday 6th May 2012

The show barn is now a blank canvas ready for a range of contemporary furniture and accessories to come in from Dwell.

More Information

If you would like more information on building a Potton barn, why not request a Potton Contemporary brochure?

Code for Sustainable Homes: the details

What does the CSH measure?

The CSH measures the sustainability of a home against nine design categories, rating the ‘whole home’ as a complete package.

The nine design categories included within the CSH are:

1.    Energy and CO2
2.    Pollution
3.    Water
4.    Health and Wellbeing
5.    Materials
6.    Management
7.    Surface Water Run-off
8.    Ecology
9.    Waste

Breakdown of CSH by category

The CSH rating system

The CSH uses a sustainability rating system – indicated by ‘stars’, to communicate the overall performance of a home. A home can achieve a sustainability rating from one to six stars depending on the extent to which it has achieved CSH standards. One star is the entry level – above the level of the Building Regulations; and six star is the highest level – reflecting exemplar development in sustainability terms.

The sustainability rating that a home achieves represents its overall performance across the nine CSH design categories. A rating is achieved by answering a series of questions, which are termed issues, and collecting credits, which are subsequently turned into points. The graphics below illustrates how many points are required at each level of the Code and identifies the number of credits that are available for each issue. The second graphic indicates how complex each issue is using a traffic light rating system. This may help you to decide which issues to pursue.