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Final update

Sunday 6th May 2012

The show barn is now a blank canvas ready for a range of contemporary furniture and accessories to come in from Dwell.

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If you would like more information on building a Potton barn, why not request a Potton Contemporary brochure?

External Windows and Doors including sliding folding doors


Sunfold Systems Ltd
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As a leading nationwide supplier and installer of door and window products and as the market leader in folding sliding doors, Sunfold Systems has been providing its wide ranging product portfolio to the domestic and commercial markets for over 21 years.

Specialising in folding sliding doors, sliding doors, stacking door systems, windows, interior doors (through its branded in-doors product range), front doors and roofing; Sunfold has developed a distinct reputation for its levels of quality, prestige and diversity within the market.

With such a wide range of products available, Sunfold’s doors and windows are suitable for a range of buildings from domestic dwellings through to large commercial projects. Offering bespoke solutions manufactured to its customer’s exact specifications, Sunfold’s folding sliding doors and windows are available in a range of aluminium, timber and composite materials and an array of designs to suit both traditional and contemporary tastes.

Sunfold has the capacity to deal with any size project throughout the UK and beyond; whether dealing direct with the end-user or through contact with architects, building contractors or developers. The Sunfold team will take the project from initial contact dealing with design, pricing and site surveys through to in-depth CAD development, manufacture, delivery and installation; and even conduct a completion survey to ensure the project is finished to not only the customer’s exacting standards but also its own.

Folding sliding doors

As the first to bring sliding folding doors to the UK market, Sunfold has developed a range of bi-folding doors to suit a number of building structures whether straight, cornered or curved. All designed with slim sightlines and effortless opening and closing mechanisms, sliding folding doors are available in a number of configurations including aluminium doors as the SFK70; timber doors as the SFK69 and composite doors as the SFK82. Also new to the portfolio, the SFK20:20 which consists of the same high quality craftsmanship and specialist design but without such a broad spectrum of options.

Sliding folding door options available:

  • Protective marine coating from the elements
  • Flush/thermal & weathered track options
  • High security locking
  • Anodised aluminium hinges and running gear
  • Finger safety gaskets
  • Anodised magnetic panel catch on pass doors

In-doors – Sunfold’s interior door range

Interior doors by Sunfold Systems’ in-doors range are fully complete door sets designed to suit any situation. Whether looking to act as a room divide to maintain warmth, limit noise, provide privacy and security or to add extra light through to darkened rooms; doors are an essential component to any renovation or development project. Available with matching and complementing frames, full architrave, ironmongery (hinges and locks) and Karcher Design door handles; Sunfold’s doors are available in a number of colours, styles and finishes to suit a number of budgets and design tastes. Available as wood veneer doors, glass doors, panel doors, painted doors, sliding doors, stacking sliding doors and fire doors.

Interior door range benefits include:

  • Pre-finished, no decoration required
  • Bespoke manufacture
  • Labour saving installation approx. 45 mins

Front doors

Front doors are what both welcome visitors and detract intruders into a home or business. Sunfold Systems’ exterior door systems both create an excellent first impression through their sleek contemporary and traditional designs, whilst also ensuring high building security through strict safety measures.

Front door range benefits include:

  • Protective and durable materials
  • Wide colour range and glazing options
  • High security features
  • Acoustic protection
  • Energy efficient insulation


Windows from Sunfold Systems’ range of tilt turn windows, fixed windows and the SFCW50:50 composite window have been developed to complement its folding sliding door range. All available in aluminium, timber or composite material, Sunfold Systems’ tilt-turn windows can be adjusted to either open in at the top or hinged left/right on one-side to open inwards. Fixed windows or picture windows are frame fixed with no opening function. The SFCW50:50 combines a solid section of timber to the inside and aluminium cladding to the outside and is available either as a tilt-turn or fixed window.

Window range benefits include:

  • Excellent U-values to retain heat
  • Advanced security features
  • Complements all sliding folding door products

For further information on Sunfold Systems’ product range please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tel: 01953 423423

Sunfold Systems Ltd
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Sunfold Systems Ltd
Telephone: 01953 423423
Email Address: