Build Updates

Final update

Sunday 6th May 2012

The show barn is now a blank canvas ready for a range of contemporary furniture and accessories to come in from Dwell.

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If you would like more information on building a Potton barn, why not request a Potton Contemporary brochure?

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1. What information does Potton collect from me when I visit a Potton website?
Potton collects very little information about visitors to its web sites. However, every time you view a Potton Web page, we may store web server logs which show your IP address (the Internet number which your machine uses when it is connected to the Internet) or the IP address of the web proxy you use. In addition we may store other information your Web browser passes to us including what you looked at, what you previously looked at, whether the page request was successful or not, and which browser you used to view the pages. Your browser does not pass any personal information to us. The only personal information we may collect is detailed below in Question 5.

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From time to time we may make use of 'tracking tags', which appear as small images on a web page. When you look at a web page containing one of these tags, our web log is updated to show this. We use these to track the take-up of specific promotions available from the web site.

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5. What happens if I request a brochure?
As a customer you may wish to find out more information regarding our products and services. Application to receive these products and services, usually requires you to enter personal data such as your name, address & telephone numbers. We may also ask you for some general information about where you have heard from us and your current situation that will help us to give you improved customer service. You will be offered at all times the opportunity to opt-in to your data being used by us for anything other than sending you a brochure. Usually this will be to promote a product or service provided by or recommended by Potton that is likely to be of interest to you as an individual interested in self building their own home.

6. How secure is any personal data that I submit?

All data collected from the site - such as web site access logs & brochure requests - is stored in a secure environment which is protected from unauthorised access, improper use, alteration and unlawful or accidental loss or destruction.

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8. How do you record whether I have given consent for you to use my data?
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9. How can I correct any information that I have submitted?
Write to us at the following address if you require us to alter any information that you have submitted to us as part of a brochure request or seminar booking:
Database Manager
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Please give as much information as possible so we can identify you in our database successfully

10. Who can I contact about this privacy policy?
Any questions about this privacy policy should be sent via email to

11. Who can I contact about your Data Protection policy in general?
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